SARTS Meeting July 2014

This month’s meeting was held on 31 July 2014 at the usual place. The little meeting room was so full of members and visitors that we had to bring in more chairs from outside.

President 9V1JN Jothi called the meeting to order at 2005 hrs.

From the attendance sheet, it appeared that there was a large number of visitors. Quite a few were repeat visitors: Nicholas Chan and Royce Ng who has just received his callsign 9V1AN. Royce said that his callsign had been assigned by the IDA as he did not indicate his choice to them.


Some of our visitors from Center for Quantum Technology, National University of Singapore.


Dr Giulio Manzoni, the second speaker for the evening, was kind enough to buy drinks for everybody


OM Frank Aw 9V1OK catching up with an old friend Fred Lee 9V1ZK.

Some pictures of the visitors introducing themselves:


Naushad Rahman


Aaron who passed the RAE many years ago when CW was still a requirement.


Miss Do from the CQT, NUS


Sam Wang from the NUS Physicas Dept


Cliff Cheng from the CQT NUS, said he was here specially to attend Dr Giulio Manzoni’s satellite talk. His interest in ham radio was related to the CQT weather balloon project:


9W2ADR Adrian Oon, who has been working here for the past 5 years.


Old timer Fred Lee 9V1ZK giving a account of his ham radio hiatus. Fred was a past SARTS Secretary. Welcome back Fred!

Talk by Dr. Bernd Nestler 9V1BN ” A Homebrew QRP Transceiver – Lots of Fun and Lessons Learnt”

AAC08820AAC08813B Bernd’s well constructed QRP Rig

AAC08825 Q&A time

 Talk by Dr. Giulio Manzoni ” Impressions from the Making of a Nanosatellite”


Giulio’s talk had good video and sound effects.


Jeff 9V1AS

SARTS Events Coordinator

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