SARTS Meeting Sept 2014

This month’s meeting was held on 25th Sept 2014 at the usual venue.

OM Frank Aw 9V1OK was present and provided some entertaining pre-meeting eyeball to members and visitors alike.AEC08957Frank Aw 9V1OK


Visitor Tom Boyer KD8KYK from Cincinnati, Ohio, who is intending to get a Singapore callsign telling about his ham interests, which included tube equipment.

AEC08969L to R: Tim Boyer KD8KYK, Mike 9V1LX, Li Yu 9V1LY who has just obtained his 9V1 callsign, Treasurer Dominique 9V1DL, Rath Martin 9V1RM and Min Than 9V1XY (partly hidden).

AEC08972Kurita 9V1XX who has just taken over the duties of the Outgoing QSL Manager enthusiastically!

AEC08973Min Than 9V1XY manning the projector and RF test equipment for the demo.AEC08964Dr. Koen Mouthaan 9V1HF bring up a point regarding the approval of rigs by IDA.AEC08975After the break, Jeff 9V1AS gave a talk and hands on measurement of transmitted spurs from various handie talkies. An Anritsu MS2712E and an IFR AM-FM-500 Radio test set were made available for the tests. Abridged talk materials are available on our website: AEC08983See you next month!

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