SARTS Meeting Nov 2014

This month’s meeting was held at the usual place. It was the last meeting for the year, December being the recess month, as many members and their families would be on holiday.

Even before the meeting started, members and visitors alike were busy doing their own thing, as the meeting was not “warmed up” yet.

This meeting we were all looking forward to a talk entitled “What I have been doing since I got my licence” to be delivered by our youngest ham, Royce Ng 9V1AN who is 16. He passed the RAE in one attempt.AAC09218

In the foreground is Roger Lee. He enjoys APRS and often sends nice pictures of clouds and islands to the author when he is flying around the region in his plane.

AAC09227 This is Dylan who is doing his first year at the Polytechnic. He is a good friend of Royce.AAC09228 Here’s Yong Quan, Royce’s friend too. He will be sitting for the RAE the following month. AAC09234 Royce’s teacher in school, Elizabeth, came to see for herself what’s this ham radio thing all about. We hope she found it interesting.AAC09237Royce’s dad Benjamin, who is an audio engineer seems to be bitten by the bug too! He will be sitting for his RAE in January. He may need some coaching from his son? hi hi..AAC09233Jeremias Wong 9V1JE, until early this year, held the record of being the youngest ham in 9V1. Now he’s the 2nd youngest. Jeremias came to say hello to his old friends before leaving for a stint in Switzerland under a NUS Student Exchange scheme.AAC09239 Masakazu San, who works as a semiconductor test engineer is renewing his interest in ham radio.AAC09242 Darryl 9V1DE explaining the society’s  plans for the Commemorative Callsign next year to mark Singapore’s 50th Anniversary.AAC09246 Clockwise: Roger Lee (blue shirt), Li Yu 9V1LY, Fred Lee 9V1ZK, Vince 9V1SA, Woo 9V1YH, Lim Khuan 9V1LK, Barry 9V1FJ and James 9V1WWAAC09247 Rath Martin 9V1RM making his point. AAC09253 Old friends, eyeballingAAC09255Darryl with his show-and-tell pictures of a ham radio store in Ohio, from where he just returned.AAC09264Royce givng his talk which included a freshly prepared video clip.AAC09259We had a great meeting.

See you at the next meeting in Jan 2015.

73 and Seasons Greetings to all!

Jeff 9V1AS
SARTS Events Coordinator

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