SARTS Meeting April 2015

This month, the meeting was held at its usual place.

There was sad news to start the meeting. Mirek 9V1XE (SK)  passed away in Perth on 14 Apr 2015. We observed one minute of silence in memory of our good friend and SARTS member.

James Brooks 9V1YC and John Davies 9V1VV delivered eulogies.


James 9V1YC and John 9V1VV (seated in blue shirt).


Carl, ex-9V1FB came to visit. He now resides in the US.


Carl’s friend Terry introducing himself. Terry intends to obtain a 9V1 callsign.


Philip Tan, during his younger days was fascinated by the Morse Code he heard on SW.


Lee Tze Hao is an RC enthusiast keen on finding out about ham radio.


Berend PA3FAL is a  CW contesting enthusiast. He will be in Singapore for a few years and intends to apply for a Singapore licence.


Mithila Iyer telling how some ham relatives in India kindled her interest. She is interested in the area of ARES, and intends to take the RAE.


Yanagi JA1WZG brought a list of local hams whom he has had QSOs with. At the meeting he was so happy to get to meet them.


There were some funny moments as some matters were discussed.


After the break, Fred Lee 9V1ZK gave a talk entitled:
“Building and Flying Multicopters”

It was a very detailed technical talk. After the talk, many stayed around to eyeball until after 2230 hrs.

73, Till we meet next month!

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