SARTS Meeting July 2015

This month’s meeting was held on 30th July 2015 at the usual QTH. There was no meeting last month, being the recess month. We waited till 810pm before the President called the meeting to order, in anticipation of latecomers. It was drizzling a bit outside.


This bunch of hams are always happy to eyeball again. So much to catch up!

As usual, there were a few visitors. It was customary to get each of them to “explain” their presence.


Visitor Alex Yang writes on Heritage topics, and is interested especially in small special interest groups


Chinmay Pendharkar from Hackerspace Singapore is interested in RF and Wireless technology


Sayanee Basu is interested in digital communications and protocols and the Internet of Things. She first heard about ham radio from her grand dad


Here am I, announcing the names of 3 new licencees. For some reason, all the members were huddled together – maybe the aircon was too cold hihi..


Lucas 9V1LJ asking members for their opinion on a new rig that he is interested in.


Darryl 9V1DE after receiving his IARU HF World Championship Certificate. There was also a certificate for Shiro 9V1PW.


The President after receiving the Society’s Certificate of Appreciation for some of our members helping out at Maker Faire 2015.


Kurita 9V1XX has just come back from the International Amateur Radio Exhibition in Friedrichshafen, and had interesting photos to show.


Royce telling the club about the recent Maker Faire in which he and a few other members put up a Ham Radio booth.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of Li Wei 9V1LW giving his short talk on SDRs.

It was a long meeting, and everybody was tired… but happy

See you next meeting!


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