SARTS Meeting September 2015

This month’s meeting fell on a Public Holiday – Hari Raya Haji. Darryl had reminded members on the SARTS Website that the meeting would go on in spite of the holiday.

Turnout was quite good, and members and visitors were already eyeballing way before meeting time. There was a poolside party just outside our meeting room and the noise was a bit distracting, but it added to the overall liveliness of the meeting.


At the left of the speaker you can see our speakers for the evening Joe (9V1/VK3YSP) and Julie Gonzales chatting to Council member Andrew Hodges 9V1TT.


Sze Yan 9V1SY chatting to repeat visitor Berend PA3FAL


James Brooks 9V1YC looking at his pile of QSL cards.


Barry 9V1FJ checking through his QSL cards. He’s the proud owner of the collapsible YAGI on the desk. Great for portable ops.


Sato 9V1UU making his point.AFC00969

After the beers, the Secretary could only remember 2 points to make. Hihi..


Will Ellison of Solis Marine Consultants gave a talk on Collaborating to build the AIS base station network in South East Asia.




Joe 9V1/VK3YSP and Julie VK3FOWL of the Melbourne Amateur Radio Technology Group gave a talk on their entry for the 2015 Global Space Balloon Challenge.

Both talks drew many questions from the floor, and the meeting did not disperse until past 11 pm!

It was a great meeting and see you next month!

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