SARTS Annual Dinner 19 Sept 2015 at the Penang Place Restaurant

This year’s SARTS annual dinner was at the same venue as last time. The previous one was on 23 Jun 2012 and priced at $35 per head. This time round, SARTS subsidised part of the cost and members had to pay only $30 per head.


Penang Place Restaurant, 1 Fusionopolis Way, Connexis #B1-20/24, Singapore 138632 .It was a convenient location for the members, as the restaurant was situated above the One North MRT Station.BAC08087Jeff 9V1AS (Secretary), Mr. Badrul Hisham (iDA), Jothi 9V1JN (President), Darryl 9V1DE (Vice President).BAC08125Francis Lim 9V1FL with families of Patrick Tham 9V1XB and Bob Fabrizio 9V1QQBAC08136 Murali 9V1MJ and XYL.   BAC08095Lim Khuan 9V1LK, James 9V1WW and Roger Lee.BAC08097Roger and our 2 young hams Royce 9V1AN and LiYu 9V1LY.BAC08104 Giulio 9V1FC making his point to Roland Turner 9V1RT.BAC08109 Regular SARTS visitor Noboru Suzuki JH1PLL on the right.  BAC08113Shiro Takata 9V1JA, Koichi 9V1KK, Masakazu 9V1EP and Noboru Suzuki JH1PLLBAC08116Lian Huat’s XYL, Jaya 9V1AI and Lian Huat 9V1OD. BAC08130Francis 9V1FL and Patrick 9V1XB.BAC08133Darryl 9V1DE and Jan, his XYL.

We had a nice dinner and eyeball.

See you soon!

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