SARTS Meeting Jan 2016

There was no meeting last month, December being a recess month. Members were glad to see each other and eyeball.AFC01549Treasurer, President and me preparing for the start of the meeting.

AFC01555All present, listening to the President.

AFC01560Visitor Ravi Ranjan, who is pursuing his Phd at NUS came for the Satellite talk.

AFC01566 Visitor Ms Pan Pan from the National Museum came to brief the Society on the upcoming Heritage Exhibition which will feature 80 years of Radio. She is keen to enlist the Society’s help on the matter.

AFC01568BVisitor Aye Nayaka came with a few of his NUS friends.

AFC01571Visitor Meini Zhang …

AFC01573and her colleague Naushad came to attend Giulio’s talk.

AFC01574Hugh Anderson ZL2AJB and Smith Peter.

AFC01581Old friends Lian Huat 9V1OD and John Davies 9V1VV chatting at break time.

AFC01584Sze Yan 9V1SY and Ms Yesie 9V1SQ chatting to visitors who are interested in satellites.

AFC01588Dr Klaus Goepel 9V1KG chatting with Meini and Nushad on their work.

AFC01592Jeff 9V1AS gave the initial part of the satellite talk on RF measurements for the Athenoxat.

Dr Giulio Manzoni 9V1FC gave a very interesting talk on his 2nd satellite Athenoxat. Unfortunately there are no photos of his presentation, but here are some pages from his presentation.

We all enjoyed the talk thoroughly and there were many questions from the floor.

See you next month!


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