SARTS Meeting Oct 2016

This month’s meeting was held a the usual QTH.

There was going to be an auction of ham items from the estate of an SK. Some bids had already arrived by email, but the rules required the hammer to fall at the meeting. Therefore, the hams who really wanted to win the a particular item were definitely present at the meeting.  afc03080

There was the usual eyeball chatter before the commencement of the meeting.afc03083

Here we see Darryl 9V1DE inspecting some auction items he had brought. afc03088

The majority of items were presented for auction as pictures only. The winners would have to settle first before collection. All proceeds were to be handed to the XYL. SARTS does not take any profit.afc03092

The customary self introduction of visitors. Here we have Daniel Lee who wants to take the RAE and get a 9V callsign.afc03095

James 9V1YC receiving an ARRL HF award.afc03109

The Secretary announcing the auction process. James 9V1YC and Darryl 9V1DE took turns at being the auctioneer.


James knows a lot about ham gear, and was able to give generate a lot of interest with his descriptions.


Leow 9V1CP in good mood and willing to part with a load of cabbages.afc03119

There was a lot of interest and good humour too, as can be seen in the faces. afc03122 afc03125

In the end, we raised more than we expected, and everybody went home happy to have done their bit for the SK’s loved ones.

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