SARTS Meeting Mar 2014

This month’s meeting was held on 27 Mar 2014, as usual on the last Thursday of the month. Turnout was quite good and the room started filling up from 730 pm onwards, with OMs and visitors alike.


Amidst the rumble of “eyeballs”, President called the meeting to order at 805pm.


Since it was the first meeting under the new Council, a Presidential address was in order.


Incoming QSL Manager Steve 9V1SA (right, back to camera) with the usual stack of incoming QSLs.


Treasurer Dominique 9V1DL (smiling).


Herman Gielen (blue striped polo) describing his areas of interest, and the technical talks that he is planning to give. From L to R : Tony Winata (9V1EX/YB0EX), Dr. Bernd Nestler (9V1BN), Herman, Sato 9V1UU, Li YongFu 9V1YF.


Visitor from Bangladesh, Kaiser S21SK introducing himself. He gave a rundown of the Amateur Radio scene in his home country..


.. and presented a memento to the Society.


Vice President Darryl 9V1DE, giving details of some contests at the weekend.


After the break, Sakai 9V1PW,JH4PHW, W1PJ, gave a short talk on how he managed to make a contact with JA hams via satellite FO-29. The interesting point to note is that the QSO was accomplished using a modest home made antenna with parts purchased from Daiso and NTUC Fairprice…hi hi..


Giulio 9V1FC/IV3DTB gave an interesting talk with lots of pictures, entitled: Ad Astra – Dreams, Milestones and New Ventures in Space.

The following are some pictures taken during the break:


Siva 9V1SV and Mike 9V1LX


Much serious discussion….


..also some cheerful moments….

73, and see you at the next meeting!
Jeff 9V1AS, Events and Talks Coordinator


SARTS Meeting Feb 2014

This month’s meeting was the first one for the year, and it was also the AGM when the new office bearers would be elected.

We had a good turnout, perhaps because the hams had not met for 2 months – we had a recess in Dec 2013 and last month there was no meeting because the meeting date coincided with the eve of Chinese New Year.


Turnout was good, and we had several visitors too. Everyone was happy just to eyeball with old friends.

After the AGM formalities were completed, we adjourned to the poolside for a small reception.

AAC04192Frankie Zuniga 9V1FZ (in blue) was our MC for the evening. It was a special occasion for Frankie, and he bought beer all round! Also in the photo Li YongFu 9V1YF (black shirt) and Herman 9V1HL

AAC04193Lian Huat 9V1OD and Roger Lee in deep discussion.


AAC04195Noboru Suzuki JH1PLL, Sakai Shiro 9V1PW, Irwin Darack KD3TB an old SARTS friend and active 9V1, Kurita 9V1XX – happy hams one and all !

AAC04196James Rodrigo 9V1WW and Kit 9V1SX

AAC04199Jaya 9V1VS (back to the camera)


AAC04206Koichi 9V1KK and Mike 9V1LX

AAC04213Frankie 9V1FZ, Jeff 9V1AS, Siva 9V1SV, Darryl 9V1DE and Patrick 9V1XB

AAC04217Roger, Vince 9V1SA (Incoming QSL Manager), Kit 9V1SX and Lian Huat 9V1OD

AAC04225Roger wins a prize.

AAC04226Koichi has the winning prize stub

AAC04231Rath Martin (QSL cards in hand) 9V1RM wins a prize

AAC04233Patrick Tham collecting his prize

AAC04235Lian Huat too!

AAC04244Takashi 9V1DR wins the top prize!

We had a great time. See you next month!

SARTS Meeting Aug 2013

We had a good turnout at this month’s meeting on the 29th.

This included several visitors:

2013-08-29 20.14.05 Ms May             20130829_201617 Dr Luo Sha2013-08-29 20.15.42  Dr Koen Mouthaan2013-08-29 20.14.56 Mr Amos Sim

2013-08-29 20.19.24  Mr Gordon Lamb G7GMU

The 2013 Callbook was distributed to those who missed it last month.

We began distributing the 2013 Memento which was received cheerfully as you can see:

2013-08-29 19.53.09  Barry 9V1FJ and Gordon G7GMU

2013-08-29 19.46.50  Dominique 9V1DL and Frankie Zuniga

After the break, Dr Giulio Manzoni 9V1FC gave a talk on:

How to find the birds, from Ptolemy to HRD

The meeting ended around 2230hrs.