Talks 2016

Jan 2016:

Dr Giulio Manzoni 9V1FC and Jeff Yeo 9V1AS gave a talk on the Athenoxat: The smallest Imaging Satellite. Real life experience and last minute drama.

Feb 2016:

AGM. No talks, but we had a poolside reception.

Mar 2016:

9V1DK: Eclipse Viewing Trip to Palembang

9V1AN: To Think, To Dream and To Live – Ham Radio in School

Apr 2016:

Barry Fletcher 9V1FJ: Planned Dxpedition to Timor Leste

May 2016:

  • Dr Giulio Manzoni presented a photo essay of his Athenoxat Satellite launched last year.
  • Slides were shown on Siva 9V1SV SSTV pictures from the ISS, one of which was featured on the cover page of ARRL publication.

Aug 2016:

Sept 2016