Talks 2015

Jan 2015:

An Introduction to D-STAR” by Andrew Hodges 9V1TT

Mar 2105:

Echolink – interfacing, demonstration and possibilities” by Royce Ng 9V1AN

Apr 2015:

“Building and flying multicopters” by Fred Lee 9V1ZK

May 2015:

9V1RS Repeater Coverage Testing” by Royce 9V1AN

Screening of an old time instructional video illustrating the similarities of wave behaviour in electrical, mechanical and acoustic mediums. The following important ham radio concepts:

  • Reflection Coefficient and Reflected Energy
  • VSWR
  • Characteristic Impedance
  • Matching

were illustrated using easy to visualise mechanical analogs.

June 2015:

No meeting this month.

July 2015:

  • Kurita 9V1XX presented a photo show of the                                                       International Amateur Radio Exhibition in Friedrichshafen                              (26-28 Jun 2015) which he visited recently.
  • Li Wei 9V1LW and Royce 9V1AN presented a report on the Singapore Makerfaire (11-12 Jul 2015)
  • Li Wei 9V1LW gave a short SDR Demo

Aug 2015:

  • No talks

September 2015:

  • Will Ellison of Solis Marine Consultants gave a talk on “Collaborating to build the AIS Base Station Network in South East Asia”. Here is the link to the presentation materials: SARTS Presentation REV02 – Website (SEPT 15). Members who are interested in volunteering to be part of the AIS network, please contact Will Ellison <>
  • Joe and Julie Gonzales from the Melbourne Amateur Radio Technology Group’s (MARTG) gave a talk on their entry into the 2015 Global Space Balloon Challenge.

October 2015:

November 2015

  • Barry Fletcher 9V1FJ gave a talk on his ZL8-G4MFW Dxpedition to the Kermedec Islands



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