Talks 2017

Mar 2017

Chu Haoyuan gave a talk entitled:

Introduction of 60m amateur band

May 2017

Giulio 9V1FC gave a talk on his visit to Trieste, where he met with local hams and gave some talks. A abridged version of his talk entitled “From 9V1 to IV3” can be found here.

Chu Haoyuan 9V1HY visited the China Amateur Radio Day ham fair in Beijing. The photo presentation can be found here.

Jul 2017

Roland Turner 9V1RT gave a talk on “Ham Radio at the Maker Faire 2017”

Aug 2017

We held a ham auction

Sep 2017

Klaus 9V1KG gave a talk entitled “Amateur Radio in the Philippines”

Nov 2017

Roland 9V1RT gave a talk entitled “Use of SLA Fields for HF Antennas”

Kurita 9V1XX gave a talk entitled “EME expedition in 9M2” An abridged set of his materials is here Kurita_EME2