Useful Information

Ham Licence Application:

Some helpful tips for navigating the IDA website:

Guide to navigating the IDA Website for Amateur Radio Licence Application

If your contact information has changed:

If you have changed address, phone number, email address etc, please help us keep the SARTS database up to date by clicking on:

Callbook Updating Form

Giving up your 9V1 licence:

If you are holding a Singapore 9V1 Licence and do not wish to renew it because you are migrating or returning home, please inform IDA by emailing :

“Amy Cheng” <>  Contact number: 62111936


“Badrul HISHAM (IDA)” <>

Please remember to leave a forwarding address / email address which will be valid for your new QTH.

Visitor’s Licence:

This is a common topic of discussion, and has been covered in our forum before:


2 thoughts on “Useful Information

  1. Hello, I am visiting NTU for 3 months until end of July 2015 and am wondering whether there is any amateur radio activity on campus. Or any radio amateurs?
    Michael VK1XYZ

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