SARTS Meeting Mar 2018 (AGM)

President calls the AGM to order

Visitor: Andy DL3YMNew members as well as repeat visitors

We had elections for the 3 Council positions

Old friends and refreshments – fine combination!


See you at the next meeting!


SARTS Meeting Nov 2017

This last meeting for the year was held at the usual QTH.

As usual, there were several visitors who introduced themselves.

Visitors: Jolyon Caplin, Arnold Cabahug DW7MAU, Danny Vong 9W2GLV

Everybody were relaxed and made themselves comfortable in anticipation of the ham related discussions and talks. Matters discussed included new ham radio clubs, informal groups and repeater nets.

After the break, Roland 9V1RT and Kurita 9V1XX gave talks on use of vacant fields for HF antenna and EME, respectively.

A page from Kurita-San’s talk.

We had a great eyeball after the meeting. Next meeting will be in Jan 2018. Please visit the SARTS website for more details.

SARTS Meeting Oct 2017

This month’s meeting was held at the usual QTH.

Visitors Benjamin 9V1KB and Darren Yeo

Masa JG1OWV was glad to announce that he has obtained his Singapore callsign 9V1OW

Incoming QSL Manager HaoYuan informing the floor of the large number of uncollected QSL Cards for members.

Darryl showing the simulation results of the coverage of 9V1RS, our VHF Repeater.

See you next month!

SARTS Meeting Sept 2017

Meeting at the usual QTH.

We were happy to see some members whom we had not seen for some months.

As usual, there were some visitors and also some new members who introduced themselves.

Visitor Masa and new Assoc Member SS Chia

Visitors TP Chuah and 9V1MR Rabeed

Kurita 9V1XX happy to receive his IARU Achievement Certificate for Low Power CW.

Klaus 9V1KG gave a very enjoyable talk on Amateur Radio in the Philippines.

Thanks, Klaus.

SARTS Meeting Aug 2017

President calls the meeting to order. There was going to be an auction of an SK member’s ham items. All proceeds will go to the family.

There were several visitors. Keifer, James VU2ARL, and Shi. Each of them gave an introduction of himself, accompanied by an interesting reason for their visit.

Since there were 101 items on auction, we wasted no time in getting it underway as soon as the official matters were out of the way.

James was well suited for the job as auctioneer, thanks to his wit and good knowledge of ham gear.

  Happy bidders.

More happy bidders. Thanks to the organizers, we were able to cover all 101 items before 2145hrs.

We had a great time. See you next meeting!

SARTS Meeting July 2017

There was no meeting last month and members were glad to see their old ham buddies.

The new membership card was ready, and here the cards are being distributed.

James 9V1YC with his HF Championships award.

After the break, Roland 9V1RT gave a talk entitled “Ham Radio at Maker Faire 2017” .

73, see you next month!

SARTS Meeting May 2017

Turnout was thin at this month’s meeting. It was most likely due to the impending school holidays and associated holiday plans.

The President could not make it due to an exhibition, so VP Jothi 9V1JN conducted the meeting. I am seated on his left keeping the meeting minutes.

Visitor Robert has passed his RAE and awaiting his callsign from IMDA. He had some satellite questions.

James 9V1YC giving some ideas on how best to answer the common questions of visiting hams.

Giulio 9V1FC gave a talk entitled “From 9V1 to IV3”

.. and brought back mementos which he presented to SARTS.

Chu HaoYuan 9V1HY gave a photo presentation on the China Amateur Radio Day which was held in Beijing.

Everybody enjoyed the two presentations and stayed back to eyeball.

See you in July, as there will be no meeting next month.

SARTS Meeting Apr 2017

This month’s meeting was held at the same QTH.

Its 820 pm and everyone was keen to get started with the meeting and the ham auction.










Visitor Xueliang from NUS wants to know more about the allocation of satellite frequencies within the ham band.

VP Jothi 9V1JN, our IARU delegate, explaining the process of satellite frequency allocation, and the role of the IARU (in the process).

Ham items for auction. All proceeds will be donated to SARTS.  

President conducted the laughter filled auction and all items were sold!

73 and see you next meeting!

SARTS Meeting Mar 2017

This month’s meeting was held at the usual QTH.

Darryl takes over as the new President. By Constitution, Jothi 9V1JN has to stand down after 3 years at the helm. Big thanks to Jothi!

Gopalan ex-9V1ZD paid us a visit and tells us what ham activities he has been up to.

Mike McAuley KD7VRG paid us a visit, and promised that he would be back soon.

A very cheerful Martin, Mike 9V1LX’s harmonic is showing some interest in ham radio.

After the break, Chu HaoYuan gave a talk entitled:

“Introduction to the 60m band”. Thanks, Hao Yuan!

See you next meeting!