SARTS Meeting May 2014

This month’s meeting was held on 29th May at the usual place. The room started filling up a bit later than normal, but meeting started promptly at 2005 hrs. The President knew that we had to keep the formalities as short as possible, because in addition to the planned talk, 2 other hams indicated that they wanted to give short presentations too.


Here you see the president 9V1JN and myself planning how to sequence the formalities so that we can have the break and start the presentations as soon as possible.


These are the scenes during the break. Lots to eyeball and discussion, visitors, new hams and OMs alike.


Old friends, Mike 9V1LX and Andrew 9V1TT


New friends. L to R: Nicholas who is aspiring to take the RAE. Frankie 9V1FZ. YongFu 9V1YF, and Royce who has passed the RAE and awaiting his callsign. As far as I know, Royce holds the record of being the youngest candidate to have passed the RAE.


Damian, an aspiring ham getting some advice from the president, Jothi 9V1JN


Kenn Udagawa JE1VOS gave a short talk as well as show-and-tell of the ICOM DSTAR system. Kenn is an old friend of SARTS and makes it a point to attend SARTS meetings whenever he is in town.


Frankie Zuniga 9V1FZ had just returned from the 82nd PARA Hamvention held in Iloilo City.


His talk was well illustrated with many photos showing the serious as well as the light side of the event. To his surprise, he bumped into Martin Geiger 9V1GG at the event!

See you at the next meeting in July and please note that next month (June) is our recess.


Jeff 9V1AS

SARTS Events Coordinator

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